Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Women's Studies

I haven't blogged in years and feel pretty guilty, so I'm putting this in as a quick, filler post. Therefore, it won't be as well-developed as I'd normally like but it will hopefully start the figurative ball(point) rolling.

I've recently gotten involved with and have been going to a some women-centric networking events. As I work constantly at a company of about 60 males and 3 females, it's actually quite refreshing to be around estrogen for a change.

I brainstorm project ideas pretty frequently, and recently had inspiration for an inkling of an idea when I read Sheryl Sandberg's bio (she's the COO of Facebook and about to be the first self-made woman billionaire) but got frustrated that it's difficult to find much about her children or family life outside of her TED Talk. It inspired me to think about the possibility that it would be really interesting to put together the full professional and personal profiles of powerful business women, for the purpose of both a book, but even more, potentially a Women's professional network. I have a tendency to grill any business-dressed women I meet on planes about all the factors that brought them to where they are in life, and I thought this would be a good funnel for that habit.

I discovered soon after thinking about this that there is a site for young women professionals, Levo League, which recently got funded by Sheyl Sandberg and Gina Bianchini, but it's not quite what I have in mind.

Either way, I briefly ran this idea by one of the women at Women2.0 and am trying to figure out if there's some way for me to execute a small-scale women's study of profiles or polls with them. The woman I ran the idea by was amused by the iPad note title of my thoughts, which I've used for the title of this post, so it inspired me to try to get my thoughts back into this blog.

I was on a plane as I was thinking out this idea and I typed it out on my iPad, so I'll post my notes here:

Working women's community site?
Women access only - linked in authentication?
Start by pre-populating certain women's profiles
Will it be too personal or invasive to ask full disclosure of all of this?
***How do I keep this from polarizing women or making them look emotional/too family-focused?

Focus: Change the bio of a woman who had kids - standard bio is structured with school and career accomplishments but not anything about family. Get credit for the work we never hear about.

Profile outline:
Women who work full-time and maintain careers
present in a timeline with work on top of line and childrearing on bottom
- Career aspiration at 18 - Career at 18 - hrs per week
- career aspiration at 25 - Career at 25
- Career aspiration at 30 - Career at 30
- career aspiration at 35 - Career at 35
- career aspiration at 40 - Career at 40

Life/ family goals
Age of having first child
Age of getting married
# Kids
Primary Breadwinner?
Childrearing help - live in, part time, daycare
Husband's Career
Dinner habits
Weekend family time?
Amount of family assistance - financial/babysitting
Homework assistance
Kid's extracurricular involvement

What is greatest factor in your success?
Any regrets about child-rearing?

Data/graphing would be interesting on profiles

Research: (mostly the intro)
What can I find of this on the Internet for each woman?
- studies on time differential btw working moms and working dads
- maternity/paternity leave
- Differentiate US vs other countries' policies

- research
- email initial targets
- post profiles as a blog - women-only
- TED trend approach? Women in different positions - women throughout the world?
- populate into a women-only community
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