Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Groupon Marketing

After finishing up the last post, I was curious if there were any websites where people looking for an online marketing service or software, could find discounts on various reputable services that are top companies in their field.  I had a hard time measuring the value of the discounts I was seeing online, relative to other products, and a Groupon model, that set up discounts based on sales cycles could be an effective one.  If reputable service companies, like an email marketing provider or SEO firm, are looking for clients in monthly cycles, they can post periodic discounts on their services whenever they're looking for clients.

One of the most important factors would be ensuring that sham marketing services and products wouldn't be offered to consumers.  So, the concept of a legitimate, user-reviewed directory of services and products would, in itself, be useful.  There are several blogs and basic sites that appear in search results, but many of the top results are limited, and the product reviews are very hard to navigate.

There's a site I saw advertised recently called, Angie's list, that reviews contractors, doctors, and other real-world service providers.  Creating a site specifically reviewing marketing or startup-targeted service providers and providing service discounts would make for a pretty interesting business model.


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