Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter Killed the Paragraph Blog

...more of a personal than generalized observation.

Since 2006, I've started and erratically maintained 7 different blogs, most of them set to "private", all on different topics and for different purposes. I have a blog I call "Incubating" (all of my startup interests, ideas, related press, and tech trends I see), a blog made entirely of interesting video clips, a blog dedicated to fashion technology, and a food + wine blog of gourmet trends and different recipes.  

Being an online marketer, I kept each blog separated by topic, even though I never had any immediate plans to make them public.  This kept me organized, but did nothing to elicit an urgency to update them consistently.

It has been almost 4 months since my last blog post, and I haven't had to write a single critical analysis of any articles, blog posts, or blog comments I've come across.  While I have my share of "comment-wars" on controversial topics like Clay Shirky's Rant About Women and on thought-evoking topics, like publications getting paid to be indexed by search engines or immigrants getting a 2 yr U.S. visa if they can create jobs with a U.S. startup, the ability to post a link and only give 140 characters of my time to an analysis is a pretty irresistible substitute.   

I can appear sufficiently up-to-date with new trends and tech blog reading through just a few clicks to my sidebar or a ReTweet button.  Twitter eliminates the need to fully research a posted topic, since the risk of giving away any lack of knowledge on an issue within 140 chars, is pretty low.  The ticking "follower" count on my Twitter also started to make me feel accountable for posting something each day, which continued my Twitter spiral.  Therein lie all of my excuses for not forcing myself to sit down a few times each week to fully digest the influx of writing I consume.

I follow around 70 blogs in a Netvibes account, and Twitter has made it incredibly easy for me to "breadcrumb" what I read, basically in "crumb-size" tweets.  I use Twitter like a Delicious for articles that I don't necessarily think I'll reference long term.  While I plan to continue my Twitter habit, I've created this blog to force myself back into a pattern of analyzing and summarizing the more interesting or controversial articles that I Tweet, and taking the time to research more than just one or 2 articles on any given topic of interest.  I like Mark Cuban's less-is-more format of writing sporadic blog posts that he has put a good deal of analysis and thought into, so I'm going to start out aiming for a once-a-week pattern.

I'll start out with combining all of my previous blog themes into this one, since I can't yet resolve this blog to a single focus, but I'm hoping to make the topics more closely related and narrowed as I journey through my posts.

So look forward to any thoughts I decide to marinade on after reading about:

- online marketing hype 
- online media startups
- unique revenue and business models 
- venture capital news
- social networking trends
- Google/FB/Twitter battle (real-time search, api pushing, etc)
- Latin American startups and technology
- interesting ecommerce models (in fashion, art, etc)
- seo/email/viral/sem/social media marketing tips
- consumer facing websites that do good in the world
- the occasional wine recommendation or food recipe find 

I hope you enjoyed my maiden blog post!  

It's late - so with all the Twitter and Tweet typing I just had the delirious thought that I should call comments on my "Virtual Breadcrumbs" blog pecking or pecks.  
Everything is "for the birds" at this hour! :)
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